Training ideas

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HIIT for EVERY Occasion

HIIT options for ALL your needs!


Just starting out? Only have a small window to squeeze in a session? Looking for an explosive session?

Whatever your HIIT need the downloadable document will have a HIIT session for you (and if it doesn’t, reach out to me with your specifications and it will!)

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Workout at Home (resistance band and equipment free options)

 Stuck working out at home given the new 2020 normal? We've got your back with a FREE at home, progressive overload 4 week workout guide... There are 2 options, one is fully equipment free and for the other, all you need is a set of resistance bands


If any questions with the plan, contact us.



InertiaWave Training

The Inertia Wave is a form of HIIT specifically designed to build a stronger core and enhance your speed, stamina, and strength. Far superior to Battle Ropes or jump ropes, the Inertia Wave out-performs the competition in core engagement, energy systems, caloric expenditure, and cognitive skills. Include it to your every day routine to enhance athletic performance.

See the link below to see NBA superstar LeBron James  training with the InertiaWave

LeBron James InertiaWave Training



Sports Specific Training

Taking advantage of the nice weather, moving some of the studio outside to do some speed work and full body training. Speed and agility work should be done at the start of a workout, when fresh (after a warm up).