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DF PT trainer, David Falconer


Certified level 3 gym instructor and certified sports nutritionist, meaning I have been trained in anatomy, physiology, and nutrition specifically for sports, health and exercise. I understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace, focusing on your tailored goal.

Partnership Approach

Health and fitness is a passion, not a job. It's therefore important that there is motivation from both sides from the outset to ensure a successful partnership.

The partnership should operate on the basis of education and motivation, for clients to learn to love the fitness process under the tutelage of an experienced trainer to ensure correct (and safe) form, and to build the clients confidence to the point they can begin to train independently.

In order to achieve continued progression however, follow up sessions to revisit and refresh training and nutrition plans are encouraged at regular intervals.

Following a block booking, there will be occasions where clients will prefer to continue to use the private facilities at DF PT due to convenience and preference, this is not an issue and these situations have their own pricing options.


I am primarily a Certified Chartered accountant, working for a large professional organisation. With this, on top of my extensive practical experience in sports and functional training, I bring a detailed and professional method to my approach, setting DF PT apart.

Since a young age, I have been somewhat ‘obsessed’ with sport and fitness; achieving a black belt in karate aged 10, playing semi-professional and amateur football for ~25 years, as well as regularly playing other sports like squash. Coupled with this sport and functional experience, I have been an compulsive gym goer for decades now, resulting in a rare skill set of being practically experienced in strength, functional and cardiovascular training. 

Following several sport related operations (including back to back ACL reconstructions) my focus shifted from ‘doing’ to ‘helping’, regularly aiding friends and colleagues in their fitness goals which led to pursuing certification in order to formalise my knowledge and ability to help others.Back