The DF PT Process

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The Process


“I’m getting married”…


“I’m going on holiday in 6 weeks”…


“I want abs”…


“I want bigger arms”…


“I want to lose ‘X’ kg”…


When starting to focus on our health and fitness, we often have a specific goal in mind (like some of the quotes listed above). These are great to get us going and start the process, but working to enjoy, and hopefully, love the fitness process will ensure the habit lasts a lifetime.

From personal experience, being goal-oriented is a great thing, and if used properly and with a structured approach, is something that will help you be successful whether in fitness, your career, or some other developmental goal. In terms of training specifically, going into a session with purpose and a specific target in mind, is key to progressing.

All this being said, if we're too goal focused, when you meet your specific goal (fitness or other), you risk falling bad into bad habits, undoing the good work until the same goal becomes the new goal again!


We will never be perfect (don't shoot the messenger), but we can work to continually improve, initial goals becoming memories of achievement that we can refer to as examples that when we put our mind to something that seems out of reach, it can be done and is worth the effort!

Using SMART goal setting fitness can be a perpetual goal:







I am a fan of ’21 days to build a habit, 90 days to create a lifestyle, and while this may not be true for everyone I think this gives reasonable expectations, that after 21 days of consistent and continual training, you will accept that training is just something you do now and are less likely to skip, and after 90 days you will (hopefully) stop feeling any associated negativity and see training as your escape from the day, your time for you. You’ll feel better, healthier, more energetic, happier… you’ll realise it is worth it.