The DF PT Logo Premise

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The DF PT logo was derived from a stoic quote “The impediment to action advances action. What stands in the way becomes the way” or put simply... 

The obstacle is the path


In lay terms. we all face challenges and obstacles in life, avoiding them won’t help us in the long-run, facing them is how we grow and develop. If we allow the obstacle to prevent us from moving forward, or work to avoid it, we stagnate and risk being caught in a loop of avoiding similar challenges forever.


That’s the thing about the comfort zone… it’s comfortable!

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We won’t grow and develop as a person if we avoid challenges. The world is full of people who have faced challenges and come through stronger, wiser, and better able to deal with life’s challenges than if they never faced the struggle in the first place. Even ourselves, no matter how much we self-doubt, we have examples of challenges that were initially daunting but now don’t even register or we enjoy now…

The first time we drove a car

Starting a new job

Learning a new skill for our careers

Making a speech

Starting to train, working to become healthier, and ultimately creating a new lifestyle will be a struggle (I'm sorry to break it). You will want to quit at times, you will want to stay in bed and skip a session from time to time, you will be tempted to binge and comfort eat after a bad day… most if not all have these thoughts, we're all human, take comfort in that, and take inspiration from those who still stick with it even after set-backs… it'll be worth it.