8 Week Overhaul

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Looking for a quick and effective way to 'overhaul' your health and wellbeing? The new DFPT 8 Week Overhaul plan may be just what you need. Designed, refined and tested over 12 months on a diverse client base, with ever increasing and impressive results, the plan provides a structured road-map to get you into the best shape of your life. You'll build muscle, lose fat, learn about health, fitness and nutrition and importantly, cultivate healthy habits that will last you your life. All instructions, tracking tools, personalised targets and support through the overhaul is provided. The overhaul plan is hard work, but if you trust the process and follow the plan it will yield amazing results This individually tailored and prescribed 8 week training, activity and nutrition guide will have you on your way to your goals. Everything from your daily step target, daily water, calorie and macro target (tailored to each individual) and a weekly resistance training plan is included. Your DFPT coach will monitor you as you progress through the 8 weeks, being on hand to answer any questions and provide guidance and tweaks to the approach.

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